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    for in them ye think ye have eternal life:
    and they are they which testify of Me
    (John 5:39). (KJV)


    In 2006 I was praying to the Lord as to what He would have me write about on this website. I went to sleep and had a dream- but it was more like a vision. In the dream I saw a large table with a high stack of books. I moved closer to the table in order to see the names of those books. A pair of hands started picking up each book from the top of the stack, tossing it aside. I could not read any title of any of those books. Then the pair of hands stopped with one book. I read the title. It read "Testify Of Me." Right away I thought of the scripture that had that phrase in it. When I woke up the next morning I shared the dream with my wife. I knew the Lord was dealing with me about doing some teaching with Him being at the center (Christo-centric). And that is why I am writing this bible commentary. And He gets the glory for it. Note: I do not have a restrictive copyright on my bible commentary. Instead, I use the honor system. Feel free to use any or all of it in any way that you want to in the service of the Lord but please keep in mind the Golden Rule. I place my own opinions in this commentary and my opinions may be wrong or they may not agree with yours. Be that as it may, please forgive any inaccuracies or errors on my part. I try hard to do the best that I can but I am getting up in age and "my old rememberer" does not work as well as it used to...
    Kraig J. Rice

    Note- how I have abbreviated some things in these commentaries-
    NLT stands for New Living Translation.   MKJV stands for Modern King James Version.

    A devotional commentary is different from an exegetical commentary. In a devotional commentary like this one I can give the application of a verse rather than just the interpretation of a verse.

    Many words on this web page are color coded-
    The words of God are in red that symbolize His shed blood.
    The words of Scripture are in purple that symbolize royalty.

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