The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to bible and church doctrines.

Doctrines (Bible and Theology)

Jesus Christ is God:       The throne of God the Son (Revelation chapter 1)
He is the King of Kings (Revelation chapter 1)       He is the Prophet (Revelation chapter 1)
He is the Son of Man (Revelation chapter 1)       Christ's Divinity (Revelation chapter 2)

Jesus Christ is the Only Way to Heaven:       The Only Way to Heaven (Revelation chapter 2)

The Doctrine of Atonement:       Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? (Revelation chapter 1)

The Doctrine of Election:       Genesis chapter 25

Christ- His eternal existence:       As seen in Genesis chapter 18       Christ is eternal (Revelation chapter 1)

Glorification of Christ:

God's Grace Versus the Law of Moses:       Genesis chapter 21       Philippians       Colossians
2 John       Galatians

Holiness of God:       Christ is Holy (Revelation chapter 3)

Judgment (of the unsaved):

Kenosis of Christ:       The Kenosis of Christ (Philippians)


Justification:       Genesis chapter 15       Colossians

Ownership (who owns us?)       The ownership principle (Genesis chapter 3)

Problems (explained)       Jacob wrestled with God (Genesis chapter 32)

Propitiation- Christ is our Mediator:       Propitiation (2 Timothy) Sound Doctrine (2 Timothy)

Prophecy, Gift of Prophecy, Prophets, Foretelling the future, etc.:
Dream Interpretation- gift of prophecy (Genesis chapter 41)

Reconciliation:       Colossians

What it means to repent (Revelation chapter 2)  


Salvation articles are on another one of my web pages

Second Coming of Christ       He is Coming Again (Revelation chapter 1)

Sowing and Reaping:
Click here to go to links on this subject

Substitution:       Genesis chapter 22

Sanctification (Our Christian Walk)

Authority of the believer
The Authority of the believer (Genesis chapter 3)

Bad Examples not to follow:
Let us not act like Er did
(Genesis chapter 38)
Let us not act like Judah did
(Genesis chapter 38)


  • Let us make better choices than Judah did (Genesis chapter 38)

    Convictions:       Did Lot compromise his convictions? (Genesis chapter 13)

    Destiny- you and I must fulfill it:       Destiny links

    Follow the Lord (walk in His foot steps):

    Fruitful (bear fruit):       You and I need to bear fruit (Genesis chapter 41)

    Holy Living (holiness):
    My teaching on holiness
    (Genesis chapter 6)
    Let us show grace and mercy to others
    (Genesis chapter 45)
    Holiness sanctification
    (Galatians chapter 5)
    One should be holy
    (Haggai chapter 2)
    Holiness counts
    (Colossians chapter 2)

    Let us not hurt the Lord:       Joseph did not hurt the Lord (Genesis chapter 39)

    Lifestyle(s):       Joseph's life was the pits (Genesis chapter 37)

    Our Journey through this life:       Philippians

    Our Past- how are we to handle it?       Genesis chapter 35    *    Philippians

    Miscellaneous:       Be a good soldier of the cross (2 Timothy)
    Get active for God (2 Timothy)      Some good attributes of a believer (2 Timothy)

    We are the light of the world:       Philippians

    Works (Good, Bad, & Indifferent):       Philippians       Titus

    More On Sanctification On My Other Web Pages:       More Sanctification for you and me

  • More Doctrines

    God's Trinity
    (Genesis chapter 1)
    False Doctrine- Nicolaitans
    (Revelation chapter 2)
    Devil Doctrine
    (Revelation chapter 2)
    False Doctrine of Balaam
    (Revelation chapter 2)
    More About False Doctrine
    (Revelation chapter 2)

    Miscellaneous (Who Knows What?)

    The septuagint translation of the Old Testament
    (Genesis chapter 39)
    Let us rightly divide God's word
    (Genesis chapter 38)

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