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Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to name meaning(s).

Note: all Revelation links are under construction for awhile and will not work.

Abimelech       (In Genesis chapter 20)

Abram's name changed       (In Genesis chapter 17)

Amalekites       (In Genesis chapter 36)

Some Amorite name meanings (friends of Abraham)

House of God (Genesis chapter 12)

Bethlehem (Ephrath)
House of Bread (Genesis chapter 35)

Deborah       Rebekah's nurse (Genesis chapter 35)

El Shaddai       (In Genesis chapter 17)    *    (In Genesis chapter 35)

Elohim       (Genesis chapter 1)    *    (Genesis chapter 11)

Esau and Edom       (Genesis chapter 25)    *    (Genesis chapter 36)

Hamor and Shechem       (In Genesis chapter 33)

Hebron       The town (Genesis chapter 35)

Horites       Seir and the Horites (Genesis chapter 36)

Jacob's children- the meaning of their names:       He had 12 sons (chapter 30)

Keturah and her descendants       (In Genesis chapter 25)

Lahairoi       (In Genesis chapter 24)

Jehovah Adonay       (Genesis chapter 15)

Jehovah Jireh       (Genesis chapter 22)

Joseph's relatives       (Genesis chapter 41)

Bulk Name Meanings mentioned in my commentary
(Genesis chapter 14)    *    (Genesis chapter 20)    *    (Genesis chapter 23)    *    (Genesis chapter 26)

Perfect       (Genesis chapter 17)

Phichol       (Genesis chapter 21)


Sarah's name changed       (Genesis chapter 17)


Sexual molest and incest       The Greek word for "offend" is defined (Genesis chapter 35)

Shalem and Shechem       (Genesis chapter 34)

Succoth       (Genesis chapter 33)

Ur       (Genesis chapter 11)


A name study for Judah & his family (Genesis chapter 38)

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