Landscape Topics
in the Bible

The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to mountains, hills, rivers, streams, islands, valleys, plains, trees, plants, food, etc.

The Garden of Eden

Where was the Garden of Eden?
(Genesis chapter 2)
Mankind lost its authority in the Garden
See my web page on this subject

Earth, Land, Dirt (all inclusive)


  • Mandrakes (Genesis chapter 30)
  • Did Egypt have wheat or corn? (Genesis chapter 41)
    Egypt was fertile and had lots of grain
    (Genesis chapter 42)

    How to store food



  • Mount Ararat (Armenia) (Genesis chapter 8)
    Mount Gilead (Galeed) (Genesis chapter 31) Mount Moriah (Genesis chapter 22)
    Mount Seir (Genesis chapter 33) Mount Seir (Genesis chapter 36)


  • Goshen (Genesis chapter 45)

    Trees, leaves, branches, root(s), reeds
    (all inclusive
    Abraham planted trees
    (Genesis chapter 21)
    Deborah was buried beneath an oak tree
    (Genesis chapter 35)


    Wind and Atmospheric (all inclusive)

    Index of name meanings

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