The church is the seed of Christ
in the New Testament era of time
Our witness to others
(Titus chapter 3)

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The (militant) church will go
in the pre-tribulation Rapture
The church is seen in Heaven
(Revelation chapter 5)
The 24 elders are a type of the church
(Revelation chapter 5)
We will be busy in Heaven
(Revelation chapter 5)
Tribulation saints and not the church
(Revelation chapter 6)
The church is Spiritual Israel in symbolism
(Revelation chapter 7)
Worshippers during the Tribulation
(Revelation chapter 11)

The church is a hospital for the (spiritually) sick

Church Problems:       Philippians (handling church problems)          
Galatians (handling church problems)

Church Ordinances:       Colossians (water baptism)

Conditions (Spiritual):       Colossians (luke warm)

Church Doctrine       Church doctrine is on another one of my web pages

Churches of Revelation:
 The church in Ephesus (Revelation chapter 2)
 The church in Smyrna (Revelation chapter 2)
 The church in Pergamos (Revelation chapter 2)
 The church in Thyatira (Revelation chapter 2)
 The church in Sardis (Revelation chapter 3)
 The church in Philadelphia (Revelation chapter 3)
 The church in Laodicea (Revelation chapter 3)
 A comparison of the churches of Revelation

"Many church members are neatly starched and ironed
but they have never been washed"
- Harry T. Smith

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