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Genesis chapter 19 (their beginning)

Genesis chapter 14 (friends of Abraham)       Genesis chapter 15 (timing for judgment)

Armenia (Mount Ararat)
Genesis chapter 8


Assyria and the Assyrians:
Jonah       Nahum       A Brief History of ancient Assyria

Babylon (Chaldees), Babylonia, and Babylonians
The nation of early Babylon
(Genesis chapter 11)
Warlike Babylon
(Habakkuk chapter 2)
The Hebrews went to Babylon
(Micah chapter 4)

Canaan (the Land of Canaan, the Promised Land):
Canaan promised to Abraham's descendants (Genesis chapter 12)
Canaan promised to Isaac's descendants (Genesis chapter 26)
Jacob is called back to Canaan (Genesis chapter 31)

Cities (all inclusive)
An index of cities are on another one of my web pages

Eden (Garden of Eden):
Genesis chapter 2

Edom, Esau, Edomites
Isaac's prophecy about the Edomites       Obadiah's prophecy against the nation of Edom
Malachi states that the Edomites were on God's bad list

Abraham goes to Egypt (Genesis chapter 12)
Joseph goes to Egypt (Genesis chapter 39)

The church at Philippi was in Greece

The Hyksos ruled Egypt for awhile**

Who were the Ishmaelites? (Genesis chapter 37)

Where the nation of Israel got it's name
(Genesis chapter 32)
Spiritual Israel
The authority of the believer web page

Mesopotamia (Syria):
Abraham sent his servant there    *    Jacob went to Padanaram to find a godly wife

Who were the Midianites? (Genesis chapter 37)    *    The apostasy of the Midianites (Revelation chapter 9)

Moab or Moabites:
Genesis chapter 19 (beginning of Moabites)      Ruth      Zephaniah


Roman Empire, And It's Provinces, Cities, or Towns:
Galatia (Galatians)       Rome (2 Timothy)       Antioch (Galatians)

Samaria is found on another one of my web pages


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