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Note: These tracts are written by Kraig J. Rice. Click on the title of the tract you are interested in reading. Please feel free to download any of Kraig's tracts, photocopy them or have them printed, and then share them prayerfully and evangelistically with others. It is possible that others can get saved this way.

Abortion- An International Evil

Battered Armour

Belief and Acceptance

Deceivers Will Come to You

Great Truths From The Bible

Love's Affectionate Devotion

Want Peace In A Stormy World?

What About Your Life?

Will You Be High At The Judgement Day?

Zion Forever (for Hebrew folks)

The birds protection message tract by Gospel Tract Society

God will bless you as you continue to work for Him!

Tract Evangelism

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  • Introduction
  • The Power Of The Printed Page
  • The Benefits Of Using Tracts
  • A Love Letter From Jesus to You (on another web page)

  • Introduction

    I want to encourage you to use tracts for evangelism purposes. I have been a literature evangelist for 40 years or more and it is a very effective method of evangelism. As Christians we have a mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ to share the Gospel with others. Our obedience must match our zeal. So many people keep having problems and they wonder where to turn to. At such a time a gospel leaflet (tract) at the right place at the right time can point them to Jesus. Let's keep pointing them to our Jesus.

    The people of this world desperately need to know what you know about salvation through Jesus Christ. They desperately need that message! And because Christ has commanded us to go with that message, we are responsible to God and to our fellowmen to obey Christ and get that message out.

    Not everyone will gladly accept the message, but we are duty bound to give them the message, nevertheless. For every one who will not listen we will find many more who will be glad to hear. Use your mouth to witness, but likewise use the printed page...

    Below are some writings that will challenge you to do this. You can purchase tracts for your personal or church use from several great organizations. If you need help on this you can go to my links page:
    I have listed there several tract distributors that you can purchase tracts from. The fish are out there- let's go catch a few for our Master and in return we will be earning eternal rewards...

    The Power Of The Printed Page
    by David Buttram

    "Have you ever considered how powerful this printed page that you hold in your hand really is? It has been said that "THE PEN is mightier than the sword." This means that what a person writes can be more damaging (or uplifting than what a person can do in battle with a weapon. The written word is also mightier than the human voice. It will go where and when the human voice cannot.

    Everyone is intrigued with the written word. As you sit waiting for a bus, as you relax in your home, as you have idle minutes in your work day, most likely you will reach for something to read- something to entertain you or enlighten you. This is why Gospel tracts are so important. They can reach those people who would never think of picking up a Bible or Christian literature. These attractive messages can be put in easy reach of those who need them.

    The written word can say what you cannot say in person. It never flinches in the face of any man. It never intrudes on a person s time, but is picked up willingly by the recipient and carries its message in a straight forward matter-of-fact manner that can reach the heart of all. It preaches the message of salvation without condemning the person, but gently allows the Holy Spirit to do His convicting work.

    Who knows how many have been won to the Lord, not by elloquent preaching but by the simple, prayerful placing of a gospel tract at the right time in front of just the right person

    This New Year let's all endeavor to be more faithful in distributing our little messengers of the Gospel. Keep some with you at all times, so you will be ready with just the right tract. Then pray and ask the Lord for His direction. Remember the Bible promises that, "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."
    (Isaiah 55:11).

    Write and let us know (Gospel Tract Society) how your ministry with Gospel tracts is going. Share with us your victories and experiences. We have tracts on every subject including seasonal tracts. We would love to send you a sample so you can get started spreading the Good News."

    This article quoted from the Gospel Tract Harvester, February 1987, page 15

    The Benefits Of Using Tracts
    by David Buttram

    An answer to a "question writer" from the Gospel Tract Society:
    "Dear M. K.
    You are not alone in your feelings of fear. Fear of man is one of the devil's best tools. It usually comes from a feeling of inferiority, but when we realize that we are Children of the King and all of Heaven is behind us we should put fear aside. Remember that you have the greatest thing that a person will ever need- a personal relationship with Jesus.

    As you speak to others about Him simply give your own personal testimony. Tell them how you were saved, how much He has changed your life, how He has helped you in a time of need. People do not need great theological discussions on the Trinity, etc., what they need is to know that God loves them and wants to be their personal Savior, healer, provider, and friend.

    As you speak from your own heart you will touch theirs and God will give you the words to say.

    When it is hard to verbally witness to someone, a Gospel tract can be used to open the doors for a good conversation. Give the person a smile, a handshake, or a pat on the shoulder; along with the tract it can do wonders."

    This article quoted from the Gospel Tract Harvester Newsletter, January 1986, page 14


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