Animals   found in the bible
(including fish, birds, and insects)
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Abimelech blessed Abraham
Sheep and oxen are gifts (Genesis chapter 20)

Abraham and Lot separate because of animals
Abraham and his nephew go their separate ways (Genesis chapter 13)

Abraham's animals were starving
Abraham moved his animals to Egypt to feed them (Genesis chapter 12)

Animal sacrifices
Abraham's sacrifice (Genesis chapter 15)       Sacrifices as a type of Christ (Genesis chapter 15)

Animals (all) created by God
God created a variety of critters (Genesis chapter 1)

10 camels sent on a journey (Genesis chapter 24)       Camels used as a sign from God (Genesis chapter 24)

Clothes made from the skin of animals
God clothed Adam and Eve (Genesis chapter 3)

Dominion over the animals
Mankind is given dominion over the animals (Genesis chapter 1)


God sends the animals to Noah
The animals came marching in two by two (Genesis chapter 7)

Horses (all inclusive):
Where you look is where you will go
(Genesis chapter 19)

Hostile fowls are a type for Satan:
Satan seeks to devour Christ's sacrifice (Genesis chapter 15)

Lamb(s) (all inclusive):
7 lambs as a redemption price
(Genesis chapter 21)
  Abel's lamb was a type for Christ
(Genesis chapter 4)

Lion(s) (all inclusive):
  King Nimrod hunted lions
(Genesis chapter 11)


No animal is to be eaten alive with it's blood
Do not eat a live animal with it's blood (Genesis chapter 9)

Noah sends a raven and doves for encouragement
Noah sends a raven and doves (Genesis chapter 8)

A ram as a substitute (Genesis chapter 22)       As a sin and trespass offering (Genesis chapter 22)

Raven bird is a Viking and Celtic war bird
The raven as a symbol of death (Genesis chapter 15)

Rebuke Satan when he comes around:
Do not let Satan steal your sacrifice to God
(Genesis chapter 15)


Sons of Jacob raised sheep (Genesis chapter 46)

Snake, serpent, adder, viper:
Satan possessed a snake
(Genesis chapter 3)
Snakes with bruised heads
(see the authority of the believer webpage)

Animals used as types to represent something or someone else:
Animals used in typology
(Genesis chapter 4)

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