Witchcraft Exposed
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Introduction Common Witchcraft Practices Today
The Witches’ Sabbath White and Black Magicians
Black Mass Biblical Notations
Psychological Analysis Spiritual Warfare
Conclusion Additional Witchcraft Information
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Some of the information on this web page is a compilation from many different books written by many different folks and is not the exclusive work of Kraig J. Rice. Kraig J. Rice has never dabbled in witchcraft but I survived a 9 year Job's trial so I know my spiritual enemy very well.


          "There has been a revival of interest in witchcraft in recent years, so much so that there are now people who openly avow themselves to be witches by means of press, television, and radio. This is perfectly legitimate, since there has been no law against witchcraft since 1951.

          One author stated: "A simple definition of a witch might be one which being eluded by a league made with the devil through his persuasion, inspiration and juggling, thinketh she can design what manner of things soever, either by thought or imprecation, as to shake the air with lightnings and thunder, to cause hail and tempests, etc."

         Witchcraft is still practiced in Africa. The modern African dislikes and fears both the witch and the sorcerer. Against both of them he employs diviners, oracles, and magical medicines. The witch-doctor is a person who seeks to doctor and cure those who are believed to have been bewitched. He is honored and works in public, whereas the witch is supposed to work in secret and is greatly feared.

          Another author stated: "Those who maintain that European witchcraft was a cult are not sure whether it was the remains of Druidic religion or of some more ancient fertility cult. However, witchcraft is seen to be a cult or resurgence of paganism. The witch-cult, being a survival of an ancient religion, many of the beliefs and rites of these early religions are to be found in it. Of these the principal are: the voluntary substitute, the temporary transference of power to the substitute, and the self-devotion to death."

         The word coven is a derivative of "convene", and is variously spelt coven, coeven, covine, cuwing, and even covey. The special meaning of the word among the witches is a "band" or "company", who were set apart for the practice of the rites of the religion and for the performance of magical ceremonies; in short, a kind of priesthood. Sacrifices of blood are said to have been demanded of the witch as the price of her admission to the coven. With the blood of the sacrifice, or sometimes with the witch’s own blood, a contract might be written to bind the witch faithfully to the society. The coven is said to be the nucleus of the witches’ organization. The main assemblies themselves are often called Sabbaths.

          Witches usually possess animals or familiars as they are called. It was sometimes, but not always, identified with the devil, and was usually called an "imp." It acted as the devil’s substitute when he himself was not present, and was endowed with some, though not all, of his power: for this reason the witch often had more than one familiar, each to serve a single purpose.

          There seem to have been four methods of obtaining familiars:
(1) by gift from the devil,
(2) by gift from a fellow witch,
(3) by inheritance, and
(4) by magical ceremonies.

A trick of Satan is to convince you that
he does not exist

Common Witchcraft Practices Today

          Many people become aware of witches only once a year on Halloween, a time for youngsters to dress in grotesque costumes, don masks and ring doorbells; happy little demons, hobgoblins, and witches who demand, "trick or treat!"

          Unknowingly some people perform acts of witchcraft every day. Getting out of the wrong side of the bed is the left or sinister side. When a person crosses his fingers, he uses his hand- universally the instrument of blessing- either to promote good luck or ward off evil. If a person knocks on wood he is symbolically invoking the assistance or protective influence of a magic wand, the oldest mystic instrument used by man in an effort to bend the forces of nature to his will. If a person tosses a pinch of salt over his left shoulder, he is employing an ancient counter-charm against quarreling. Saying "God Bless You" just after someone sneezes has it's roots in witchcraft. During the middle ages it was believed that one's soul left his or her body temporarily when one sneezed. Therefore it was necessary to ask God to bless that soul while it was out of the body before Satan could grab it and claim it for his own.

          Another author stated: "A person who permits a black cat to cross the path ahead of him will have bad luck. This is not superstition, as popularly believed. Students of witchcraft point out that when Satan emerges from Hell to consort with witches on earth he often assumes the form of a black cat. Originally, mascara (eye make-up), containing the witchcraft magic metal, antimony, was dispensed by witches and sorcerers to both men and women to immunize them against the power of the evil eye. Hiding a bride’s face behind a veil screened her from evil and ill-omened glances. Eyebrow plucking began when women whose eyebrows grew together were suspected in Scandinavian countries of being witches, vampires in the Balkans, and evil spirits in Greece."

The Witches’ Sabbath

          Many covens may have a large get-together known as the witches’ Sabbath. This may be any day of the week, but it is usually on Friday. This is a time when communal sex orgies take place. It is officiated over by one known as the Grand-master. This is also the time for the witches to adore the devil while on their knees, address their prayers to him, give thanks to him as the giver of food and the necessities of life, and dedicate their children to him.

          The nocturnal Sabbaths took place while ordinary folk were asleep. According to ancient beliefs this would be explained by the dream activity of the witch herself. The common notion was that the sleeper’s soul had wandered away to other places, enabling her to see distant people and even to hold conversations with the dead. In modern Africa the witch is believed to go out at night, in spirit only, and to leave her body behind asleep. Yet on waking she will confess to having made the most extraordinary journeys. This is called Transmigration.

          Usually the Black Mass is held every time the witches hold their Sabbath, which is usually every Friday evening.

God loves you
Satan uses you

White and Black Magicians

          Another author stated: "In the past, the white witch was the creation of the age of magic when sickness and death were ascribed to the influence of hostile spirits which could only be subdued by magic of a more powerful kind. This was white magic, benevolent, lifegiving, holy, and the magician who knew its secrets became a figure of immense importance in society, especially for the service of pointing out who the black witches were.

          The white witches had cured sickness when doctors were unknown, and their skill with animal diseases was sometimes of a high order. They had been psychiatrists of sorts and they had in some respects anticipated the method of logical interrogation in their attempts to track down lost and stolen property, a skill later to be rediscovered by criminologists.

          Throughout all the ages of man the white witch of the ancient world ruled some part of the life of humanity, but with the advance of human knowledge his kingdom grew ever smaller and with the final triumph of science he became extinct in Western society."

          In striking contrast to the white witch is the black witch who uses her powers only for evil and bewitching purposes. Anton LaVey, the Black Pope of San Francisco, had this to say concerning the matter: "There is no difference between ‘white’ and ‘black’ magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness, and self-deceit of the ‘white’ magician himself."

          It is interesting to note in the Old Testament that Balaam could have been a white witch (warlock). The context of
Jude verse 11, 2 Peter 2:15, and Revelation 2:14, could substantiate the idea as a reference to witchcraft. The Amplified Bible has in brackets after the name of Balaam "a foreteller of events"
(Numbers 22:5), and Balaam used enchantment and divination
(Numbers 23:23). Joshua 13:22 does not contradict this idea in saying he was a soothsayer because a witch can be a sorcer and magician, and witchcraft includes any and all facets of occultism. Balaam's real god was money.
Jude 1:11 says:
"...Like Balaam, they will do anything for money." So regardless of what Balaam was, his will went contrary to the will of God and he died because of it
(Numbers 31:8).

"My thoughts are completely different from yours," says the Lord.
"And My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are My ways are higher than your ways
and My thoughts higher than your thoughts"
(Isaiah 55: 8 & 9). (NLT)

Black Mass

          An author stated: "The Black Mass has never played any part in English witchcraft. Until the close of the nineteenth century the term itself was quite unknown in England, and there is good reason for the belief that it was a modern conception in Continental Europe."

          Another author stated: "The inner significance of the Black Mass is the fraternity of man with man, defiance of the Christians’ heaven, and worship of Nature’s God under unnatural and perverted forms."

          Anton LaVey, author of the Satanic Bible, gave this description of the Black Mass:

"A defrocked priest stands before an altar consisting of a nude woman, her legs spread-eagled and vagina thrust open, each of her outstretched fists grasping a black candle made from the fat of unbaptized babies, and a chalice containing the urine of a prostitute (or blood of a child who had his throat cut) reposing on her belly. An inverted cross hangs above the altar, and triangular hosts of ergot-laden bread or black-stained turnip are methodically blessed as the priest dutifully slips them in and out of the altar-lady’s labia. Then an invocation to Satan and various demons is followed by an array of prayers and psalms chanted backwards or interspersed with obscenities...all performed within the confines of a ‘protective’ pentagram drawn on the floor. Then follows a potpourri of flagellation, prayer-book burning, cunnilingus, fellatio, and general hindquarters kissing- all done to a background of ribald recitations from the Holy Bible, and audible expectorations on the cross."
          It must be remembered that the Black Mass is performed at every witches’ Sabbath.

Biblical Notations

          According to prophecy, it seems there will be a recurrence of witchcraft and sorcery during the last days
(Revelation 9:21; 18:23:21:8; and 22:15).

          One author continued: "The so-called "witch" of Endor has frequently been quoted as a clear example of a Biblical witch. Yet the remarkable thing about this notorious lady is that not only is she plainly not a witch, but she is not even called one in the Biblical text.
1 Samuel chapter 28 is the reference. The medium of Endor is called baalath ob in Hebrew, a mistress of a familiar spirit or talisman. This does not mean a familiar animal, as in later European witchcraft. It refers probably to the "control", as modern spiritualism terms it, which is supposed to take charge of the medium and through her mouth gives messages from the dead.

          There is a command in Exodus 22:18 about not allowing a witch to live. The Hebrew word used here for witch is kashaph. The word comes from an Arabic root meaning to obscure or to eclipse, used of the sun or moon. From this the Hebrew might mean dark or gloomy, or muttering in a dark and low tone. Magicians are generally associated with darkness, and are given to low mumblings: "Thy speech shall be low out of the dust"
(Isaiah 29:4).

          It has long been thought that this word "witch" in
Exodus chapter 22 is best understood as "poisoner". This explanation was much quoted in King Charles II’s time, when capital punishment for witchcraft ceased. Men argued that the Biblical verse did not refer to all manner of magic or witches’ assemblies, but only to poisoning. A man who killed his enemy with poison was guilty, of course, of a capital crime. This is still true. But apart from poisoning all the many other activities attributed to witches were not capital offences, or indeed based on actual occurrences. There was no Biblical support for applying capital punishment to them.

          In James Chapter One is quoted Samuel’s words to Saul: "disobedience is as the sin of witchcraft" (properly sorcery). Sorcery is linked again with whoredom and idolatry in the famous retort of Jehu to Joram
(2 Kings 9:22). Both sorcery and whoredom are connected with the magical and fertility cults of Canaan which so often culminated in prostitution and human sacrifice. The Hebrew prophets declaimed in great indignation against this immorality and magic which undermined true religion and ethics. The man who practices magic uses an evil power, to undermine the righteous by crooked ways and secret arts. He is a man of Belial, a man of blood and wicked ways.

          Another Biblical word for witchcraft or wizardry (qesem) is more properly translated "divination". It is used of obtaining oracles by casting lots. Men wished to know the future and used various means which might help them to discover the unknown or to decide important actions. One of the most popular ways of casting lots was by using arrows, special pointless arrows, originally rods. By the manner in which they fell action was decided. This divination has nothing to do with witchcraft.

          These and other types of activity, loosely translated "witchcraft" are in reality magic, good or bad, and sorcery. They are conscious and deliberate practices, that may be intended for useful or for harmful ends. They are not the unconscious or nocturnal witchcraft in which Europeans and Africans have believed."

          This author continued: "If the Biblical words for a witch do not describe the sort of person later called a witch, yet there may be some practices which resemble witchcraft. There is a strange passage in
Ezekiel 13:18-21 that cries,
"Woe to the women that sew pillows upon all elbows, and make kerchiefs for the head of persons of every stature to hunt souls." This sounds like authentic witchcraft belief, as found in other parts of the world, and it is significant that it occurs in a late period of Israel’s history, spoken by a prophet who was living in exile in Babylon in the sixth century B.C. Here he would be in contact with new ideas and beliefs, such as may have been little known to the inhabitants of Palestine.

          The word rendered "pillows" may refer to some bands sewn on to the garments, like the phylacteries which were worn by Pharisees at a later date. This would mean that magical strips are sewn on to robes as charms and amulets, either for protection against or for incitement towards demonic forces. The Hebrew literally translated suggests that the women sew these bands on to the hands of God, as if to tie Him, but this is hard to credit. It is easier to understand as an action of sewing by these women on to the garments of people who come to them. The word "kerchief" is uncertain, but it may refer to veils which were worn as protections against evil, or else to prevent the victims seeing what was happening to them.

          There are other scattered references in the Old Testament to evil forces, which may mean either the magic arts in general or evil spirits which operate at night. Thus in the Psalms, in particular, there is "you shall not be afraid for the terror by night"
(Psalm 91:5). It is at night that evil is thought to be unleashed and then the wicked do their plotting
(Psalm 36:4). That this is not mere enmity but could refer to a form of witchcraft is clear from
Psalm 11:2. Here the soul is thought to fly like a bird while the wicked shoot at it by night.

          Evil men and women practise what the Hebrew calls awen, a word which includes evil deeds, magic, and sorcery. These are the ones who set "the snare of the fowler" for the unwary
(Psalm 91:3). The just call upon the Lord so that
"the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands"
(Psalm 9:16). No doubt many of these verses may be taken in several ways, as the oppression of the poor by the rich, the envy of an enemy at the upright and prosperous, or as the evil deeds of magicians and night-workers. These words, which to western ears sound like plain enmity, are found as technical terms among the Babylonians and neighbors of the Jews. Nets and snares
(Psalm 140:5) are common words for magic and cursing, and they have a deeper meaning than is apparent on the surface."

He who fears God need fear nothing else
he who fears not God
needs to fear everything else.

Psychological Analysis

          An author continued: "Basically, witches are people mentally afflicted with the obsession that they have the power to harm others by thinking them harm. The Freudian doctrine of the Omnipotence of Thought shows that men imagine that they can affect their fellows, and even the course of nature, simply by the power of thought.

          Regarding the spell or hex, so long as man knows the meaning of fear, he will need the ways and means to defend himself against his fears. Man always fears those things he does not understand. This is the philosophy of the spell-casting witch. She uses a person’s own fears against him.

          The real secret of witch-belief lies in the nature of mind itself, and the whole problem of what psychologists call projection is worthy of far greater study than it has so far received. The conversion of feelings of guilt into hostility towards others is a well-known human frailty which is responsible not only for the illusion of persecution but the need for a scapegoat. This seems to be a permanent tendency in the human mind."

Spiritual Warfare

          Witches and warlocks are demon-filled people sold out to doing Satan's will. They do his bidding and many times they clash against devout Christians doing God's will. When this happens they can send demons to torment Christians and thwart their work. A true Christian can be oppressed but not possessed. When this happens, the Christian must put on his or her suit of armor mentioned in the bible
(Ephesians 6:10-18) and then go to spiritual warfare against the devil and his imps. Take the authority of the name of Jesus Christ and rebuke Satan with this. Satan cannot stand against the power and authority of the One (Jesus) who defeated him at Calvary and he will flee when you confront him in the name of Jesus. Jesus is greater than Satan and Jesus has more power than Satan does. You cannot fight Satan in your own power but you can use the spiritual power of the Lord to fight him with.


          Another author stated: "People must believe something. If they have nothing sensible to believe, then they will believe nonsense. It is a fact commonly observed that when faith in God decays, superstition grows; and today, with the withering of faith, there is seen the flowering of credulity. This means that an amazing number of civilized people have adopted a view of the universe which can most properly be designated as magical.

          Every form of superstition is an attempt to penetrate the unknown- either to forestall evil or to foretell the future. Men have always wanted to know. That is why, down the ages, they have consulted oracles and listened to the predictions of prophets and augurs, wizards and witches; that is why they have looked for omens in the flights of birds: that is why they have sacrificed animals and examined their entrails, interpreted dreams and believed in numbers, cast horoscopes and consulted the stars.

          All such superstition is a substitute faith. It capitalizes and grows on ignorance and fear: it bewitches and bemuses the credulous and the gullible. It makes no moral nor ethical demands; it is selfish and self-centered; it is irrational and absurd. The most powerful corrective of superstition is a right belief in God."

          Another author stated: "The reasons are many as to why a generation claiming to be the most enlightened and best informed in history are embracing this ancient cult of the Chaldeans:
(1) It is an age of wide-spread fear and anxiety, aggravated by war abroad and violence at home,
(2) It is a time of confusion and moral disintegration, when traditional mores of behavior are being discarded,
(3) Institutionalized religion has failed to provide answers to the questions that men are asking,
(4)It is an age of space exploits when men’s thoughts are being geared to interplanetary travel and to the myriad mysteries of the astronomic universe,
(5) It is an age of depersonalization, and
(6) Man has always been attracted by the mysterious and the unknown, and finds it a pleasant diversion from the humdrum and drudgery of day-to-day existence."

          This is why there has been a recurrence of witchcraft in modern day America. It is significant that European belief in witchcraft only received its death-blow with the spread of modern medical and scientific knowledge, and with the spread of revivalistic Christianity. America needs a revival and great turning to God. This would be an effective way of destroying the influence of witchcraft and the occult sciences.

          Christianity is not interested in the question of mere survival; what matters is the quality of life beyond the grave. What the creeds affirm is a life which is rich and full, splendid and transcendent: the resurrection of the body and life everlasting."

Additional Witchcraft Information:

          One author stated: "In 1981 the Witches International Coven Council (Wicca) listed several goals at their convention in Mexico. This list was intercepted and confiscated by law-enforcement officials. Among their objectives are:

1. To bring about personal debts, causing discord and disharmony within families.

2. To remove or educate the "new-age youth" by:
a) infiltrating boys'and girls' clubs and big sister and big brother programs
b) infiltrating schools, having prayers removed, having teachers teach about drugs, sex, freedoms
c) instigating and promoting rebellion against parents and all authority.

3. To have laws changed to benefit our ways, such as
a) removing children from the home environment and placing them in our foster homes
b) mandatory placement of children in our day-care centers
c) open the drug and pornography market to everyone"

    Jesus Christ will come and live in your heart (literally) if you invite Him into your heart

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Here are 3 of their booklets that deal with witchcraft:

Exposure to the SON
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The Nervous Witch

I now quote from the Chick website:
"When Saul visited the witch of Endor he discovered the terrible price God requires of those who play with witchcraft".

Satan is responsible for abusing you-
not God


I now quote from the Chick website:
"Time was running out for Ashley. Drugs would soon kill her. But a praying grandmother made the difference".

Those ministers and priests in robes
who molested you
were actually Satanists

The Poor Little Witch

"She thought she could mess with Satan and then quit. But someone had to pay the price."


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