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A Few Satanic, Witchcraft, and Occult Symbols
There is Good News For You
A Few Christian Symbols (to let you know how much God loves you)
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Some of the information on this web page is a compilation from many different sources written by many different folks and is not the exclusive work of Kraig J. Rice. Kraig J. Rice has never dabbled in Satanism but I survived a 9 year Job's trial so I know my spiritual enemy very well.

God has more power than Satan. If you want power then I suggest that you turn to God to receive it.

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    A few Satanic, Witchcraft, and Occult Symbols:
    (the description or interpretation of these symbols comes from various places on the web)


    Baphomet is a goat's head inside an inverted pentagram combining two basic Satanic symbols. (Also used by some witches to represent the Horned God).

    Inverted Pentagram

    Inverted Pentagram within a circle

    When the inverted pentagram is enclosed within a circle it becomes the primary symbol of Satanism rather than for witchcraft. However, some witches may also use the inverted pentagram in worship to the Horned God (Satan).
    The inverted pentagram also symbolizes the 4 elements plus spirit. Many pagans think that it is a powerful symbol to ward off evil and that is likely why it is seen in so many secret societies throughout America.

    the inverted cross

    This is a general symbol of Satanism. It represents the antithesis of all that Christianity stands for.

    Unicursive Hexagram

    This symbol was designed by Aleister Crowley as a symbol for his
    Order of the Silver Star (Astra Argentum, or AA)

    The Right Handed Witchcraft Salute

    This sign reprsents the Horned God of witchcraft (Satan) as well as the ancient pagan gods named Pan or Cernunnos.
    (It is also used as a hunting sign).

    The Left Handed Satanic Salute

    This sign may represent the Devil. When pointed at someone, it is used to convey a curse or to ward off harm.

    Lord of Graveyards and Death
    Used in voudoun to summon various spirits or deities.

    The eye of Horus

    This symbol comes from the Egyptian sun god named Horus.
    When this symbol is worn as a charm it is believed by occultists to be a potent protector against evil and is also related to psychic vision.

    Symbol for the Church of Satan
    It is used in the Satanic Bible


    The swastika was originally an ancient pre-Indo-European symbol of the sun and of the four directions. Hitler's symbol was a backwards swastika used by the Nazi party in Germany and by Neo-nazis today. Adolph Hitler was a Satanist.

    Moon and Star

    Represents the Goddesses Diana and Venus. It's a popular symbol for witches. It is also used by Moslems.

    The Spiral

    The Spiral is the ancient goddess symbol of universal pattern of growth in nature (DNA, galaxy, etc.)

    The Celtic Spiral

    The Celtic Spiral is found adorning most ancient sacred places of pagan worship, meeting, prayer & magic. In paganism it represents the trinity of life in its many forms like body, mind and spirit and many would recognize it as a secret symbol of the goddess that represents the maiden, mother and crone plus the other metaphysical aspects of pagan culture.

    The Labyrinth

    The Labyrinth is a maze design of Bronze-Age Crete found throughout the world, and symbolizing the path of initiation and meditation.
    It's an ancient meditation form that is often described as a path to wisdom and peace rather than the peace of Christ. Pagan Romans placed symbols of the square labyrinth above doorways for protection.
    A labyrinth is a circular path that winds its way to the center, and then back out again. It is not a maze as a maze has several entrances, exits and many dead ends.

    Holy Earth Symbol

    The Holy Earth Symbol is a worldwide symbol for Mother Earth. It's also symbolic for the Hopi Indian Medicine Wheel. It's also symbolic for the 4 directions. It's also symbolic for the Norse sun god.


    A labrys is a double axe from Knossos, Crete. It's a symbol used by contemporary feminists as a symbol of ancient matriarchy.

    The Satanic Cross

    An upside down question mark that questions the Deity of Jesus Christ. Within the occult it is the representation of the three crown princes: Satan, Belial, and Leviathan. Symbolizes complete power under Lucifer. It is also called the "Cross of Confusion".

    Heartagram, also known as The Pentagram Heart

    It symbolizes love for the dark side. It was originally created as a logo by the self described "Love Metal" band HIM. It combines a heart with a pentagram, and according to band members, represents the juxtaposition of love and hate (anger), or life and death.

    The Penta Heart
    It symbolizes love for the dark side.

    Star of Ishtar

    A symbol of the Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar (Anath, Astarte, Inanna). The eight points represent the movements of the planet Venus associated with this goddess.

    The Triqueta

    In Wiccan and Neopagan belief, the triqueta symbolizes the triple aspected goddess (maid, mother, and crone). The triquetra is also considered to represnt the triplicities of mind, body, and soul, as well as the three domains of earth- earth, sea, and sky.

    Nidstang (Nithing Pole)

    Nidstang means, literally, "curse pole." The nidstang (sometimes called a "Nithing Pole," or "niding pole") is an ancient Scandinavian custom of formal cursing or hexing someone. A wooden pole or stake was inscribed with the intended consequence and erected with a ceremony. A horse's head or carcass was placed atop the pole in the facing in the direction one wished to send the curse.


    The Skull and Crossbones and Freemasonry

    (In Freemasonry the degrees 30 - 33 are the Satanic degrees)
    The skull and crossbones is also an important emblem in Masonry, where it symbolizes the transience of the material world, and is used in initiation rituals as a symbol of rebirth. It may also symbolize the sephirah daath on the kabbalistic Tree of Life, the gateway to the higher realms of understanding only achievable through spiritual death and rebirth.

    Manji (Buddhist Swastika)

    The swastika used in Buddhist art and scripture is known as a manji (whirlwind), and represents Dharma, universal harmony, and the balance of opposites.

    The Ankh

    The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol of life. The top loop also symbolises the sun on the horizon, and suggests reincarnation and rebirth.

    The Ankh was often worn as an amulet to protect the wearer from illness and infertility and to guarantee immorality in the afterlife. Regarding the latter, some believed it to be a mystical key that unlocks the 'Gates of Death'.

    The Ankh is also considered to have meaning in Ritual magick and in Wiccan/Neopagan traditions, as a symbol of immortality and completion.

    The Pentacle Leaf

    The Pentacle Moon

    The broken cross also known as the peace symbol

    It is a mockery of the cross of Christ and an anti-Christian symbol. It was used on Hitler's Nazi death notices and as part of the official inscriptions on the gravestones of Nazi officers of the SS, the leaders of which, incidentally, were Satanists. During the middle ages, as well as today, it has been the favorite sign of satanists.

    In Austria and Italy during ancient times, it meant evil and death. It was also known as Nero's Cross because when the Apostle Peter was crucified he asked to be crucified upside down since he was not worthy to die as Jesus had. Nero granted his request and constructed the cross like the peace symbol. Since that time it has been known as the symbol of the antichrist and in 70 A.D. it was the signet carried by the Romans who ravished Jerusalem.

    symbol for the satanic black mass

    Miscellaneous Artwork

    Rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus Christ when he comes around


              But there is good news. You can go to Heaven rather than Hell. I now send you the invitation to change sides and to invite Jesus Christ to come and live in your heart. When Jesus literally comes into your heart any Satanic demons there will be literally and instantly cast out by Him. It's time that you were immersed in love rather than in pain and in hate. It's time that you felt peace in your heart rather than torment. It's time that your conscience be cleansed from guilt. It's time that your sins be instantly washed away by the blood of Christ. God can set you free from everything evil that you have been involved in. And it's done just like the old hymn says: Nothing But The Blood of Jesus.

              Jesus Christ offers you a new life in Him. Jesus loves you and He wants you. He is willing to forgive you for anything that you did as a devil worshipper. Repent right now, ask Him to take away your sins, ask Him to apply His cleansing blood to your heart and soul, acknowledge that Jesus Christ is God the Son and ask Him to possess you, and tell Him that you are sorry for making a mess of your life. Tell him that you are sorry for hurting the people who love you. Tell him that you are sorry and made a mistake by worshipping Satan and his imps. Then watch what Christ does for you- expect a miracle!

    You should view God in the image of Jesus Christ-
    in the image of your earthy father
    or earthly caretaker

              Once Christ comes to literally live inside of your heart take your Satanic books and relics and burn them. Then find the nearest Assemblies of God church and make an appointment to speak with the pastor there. Explain to him what has just happened to you and he will help you get into God's word and help you get sound Biblical teaching. If he can't help you directly I am sure that he will be able to find someone who can.

    Once you are strong in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ the pastor will encourage you to receive the power of the Holy Spirit in an act of spiritual baptism
    (Acts 2:4). This dynamic power from God is greater than anything that Satan has to offer. You need this power to help you live the Christian life and to help you fight against the power of the enemy. And God is always happy to share His power with you to help you.

    On your own:
    Life is a hopeless end
    With God:
    It is an endless hope

    A Few Christian Symbols
    (that show you how much God loves you

    Please allow a little time for this animation to load and play

        Jesus Christ will come and live in your heart (literally) if you invite Him into your heart

              Chick Publications has a nice selection of tract booklets for Christians to purchase and distribute to those who are lost. They have many good comic type booklets that are very effective. You can view each of their booklets at and then you can purchase them online if you so desire.

    Here are 2 of their booklets that deal with demon possession:

    Exposure to the SON
    may prevent

    The Thing

    "The thing possessed poor Maria. It drove her to do strange things. But Jesus' power delivered her so the thing couldn't hurt her anymore."

    Don't let Satan deceive you any longer
    Change over to God's side


    "When the collapsing roof dumped him into the flames, Fred thought he had seen hell. But the real hell is much worse".


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