The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead is the same power that will break the chains of your addiction

LSD (part 2)
The Spiritual Cure
Kraig J. Rice


When I lived in Cloverdale, Calif. there was a family that lived across the top of the hill from us. They did not go to church. That family had 3 sons. One son was a mechanic that did a lot of work on my car. Another drove a motorcycle nearly all of the time. However, another son was a walking "zombie". I would see him from time to time aimlessly walking around the neighborhood when he was released from the mental institution to come to visit his family. He could not talk, smile, or carry on a conversation with you. It was like he was brain dead but still able to walk around. Before that, after he graduated from high school, he had a lot of promise. He was personable, intelligent, and likeable. Then he started taking LSD. That was a mistake. LSD destroyed his mind permanently. His horrible condition really hurt his family. It hurt me to see him like that. It was a totally wasted life- a life just thrown away.

So, LSD is nothing to play around with. If you are on it I recommend that you accept Jesus Christ into your life (invite Him to come into your heart) and after you ask Him to, He will give you the power to break the chains of any drug addiction.

LSD is most commonly sold in the form of blotter paper, which are small paper squares that have been dipped in LSD
1 little blotter square is considered a "hit"

MORE INFO (not in my original paper)

My original paper was done in 1971. There have been a few developments since then:

"More than 200 types of LSD tablets have been encountered since 1969 and more than 350 paper designs have been acquired since 1975. Designs range from simple stars in black and white to exotic artwork in full four-color print. Inexpensiveness (prices range from $2 to $5 per dosage unit or "hit", wholesale lots often sell for as little as $1 or less), ready availability, alleged "mind-expanding" properties, and intriguing paper designs make LSD especially attractive to teenagers and college students. Some users are now as young as junior high age.

Dosages of LSD are measured in micrograms, or millionths of a gram. By comparison, dosages of cocaine and heroin are measured in milligrams, or thousandths of a gram. Compared to other hallucinogenic substances, LSD is 100 times more potent than psilocybin ("magic mushrooms") and 4,000 times more potent than mescaline. The dosage level that will produce an hallucinogenic effect in humans generally is considered to be 25 micrograms. Over the past several years, the potency of LSD obtained during drug law enforcement operations has ranged between 20 and 80 micrograms per dosage unit. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recognizes 50 micrograms as the standard dosage unit equivalency.

With LSD tablets, it is difficult to tell how much LSD is actually in the blotter. Tabs are often dipped in another chemical agent in order to bind the LSD to the paper. The binding chemical agents can often cause side effects, such as grinding of the jaw and restlessness. Liquid acid is ingested per drop. It is generally much stronger (containing 200 to 400 micrograms per drop). Many users prefer liquid acid to tabs because no chemical binding agents are needed. Therefore, the "trip" seems smoother.

During the late 1960ís and early 1970ís, the drug culture adopted LSD as the "psychedelic" drug of choice. The infatuation with LSD lasted for a number of years until considerable negative publicity emerged on "bad trips"- psychotic psychological traumas associated with the LSD high- and "flashbacks", uncontrollable recurring experiences. As a result of these revelations and effective drug law enforcement efforts, LSD dramatically decreased in popularity in the mid-1970ís. Scientific study of LSD ceased around 1980 as research funding declined.

LSD's use in scientific research has been extensive and its use has been widespread. Although the study of LSD and other hallucinogens increased the awareness of how chemicals could affect the mind, its use in psychotherapy largely has been debunked. It produces no aphrodisiac effects, does not increase creativity, has no lasting positive effect in treating alcoholics or criminals, does not produce a model "psychosis" and does not generate immediate personality change. However, drug studies have confirmed that the powerful hallucinogenic effects of this drug can produce profound adverse reactions, such as acute panic reactions, psychotic crises, and flashbacks."

This info came from a website on the world wide web

"What is the cure for LSD? Here are the basic steps:

LSD Detox Center
LSD Rehab
LSD Treatment
LSD Addiction Treatment
LSD Addiction Counseling and Meetings
LSD In-Patient Treatment
LSD Out-Patient Treatment
The chains can be broken. Currently there is no medication a patient can be given to cure him or her of LSD addiction. A user must first admit to himself or herself and to others that there is an addiction problem. Detoxification is the next step. A person needs more than just strong will power to break an addiction problem like this. Below, I mention how divine intervention is the best cure. Other than that- residential treatment programs of at least 3 months in duration have the best success rates. What happens to a patient there? Education and therapy are given. Why? To deal with psychological dependency, mental obsession, and emotional compulsion. The patient is made aware that long-term addiction changes the way the brain functions and that this change is present long after the addict has stopped using this drug. The patient is helped to battle his or her cravings for the drug, is encouraged to re-stimulate his or her past, and taught about the changes in the way their brain functions.

What are the slang terms used for LSD?
Common nicknames for LSD are:
a, acid, animal, barrels, battery acid, beast, Big D, black acid, black star, black sunshine, black tabs, blotter, blotter acid, blotter cube, blue acid, blue barrels, blue chairs, blue cheers, blue heaven, blue microdot, blue mist, blue moons, blue star, blue vials, brown bombers, brown dots, California sunshine, cap, chief, chocolate chips, cid, coffee, conductor, contact lens, crackers, crystal tea, cubes, cupcakes, d, deeda, domes, dots, double dome, electric Kool-Aid, fields, flash, flat blues, ghost, golden dragon, goofy's, grape parfait, green double domes, green single domes, green wedge, grey shields, hats, Hawaiian sunshine, hawk, haze, headlights, heavenly blue, instant zen, l, lason sa daga,Lens, LBJ,Lime Acid, Loony Toons, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, lysergide, mellow yellow, mickey's, microdot, mighty Quinn, mind detergent, one way, optical illusions, orange barrels, orange cubes, orange haze, orange micro, orange wedges, Owsley, Owsley's acid, pane, paper acid, peace, peace tablets, pearly gates, pellets, pink blotters, pink Owsley, pink panther, pink robots, pink wedge, pink witches, potato, pure love, purple barrels, purple flats, purple haze, purple hearts, purple ozoline, recycle, royal blues, Russian sickles, sacrament, sandoz, smears, snowmen, squirrel, strawberries, strawberry fields, sugar, sugar cubes, sugar lumps, sunshine, tabs, tail lights, ticket, trip, twenty-five, vodka acid, wedding bells, wedges, white dust, white lightning, white Owsley's, window glass, window pane, yellow, yellow dimples, yellow sunshine, zen, zig zag man."

This info came from the world wide web.

"LSD came under Federal legal control in 1970 under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act. It's a Schedule I drug, which means it's considered to have a high potential for abuse, present an unacceptable safety risk, and have no acceptable medical use.

However, LSD Research has been renewed-

The current round of research activity got under way in the late 1980s, bolstered in large part by advances in the understanding of brain chemistry.

FDA has granted IND status to several psychedelic drugs in recent years. The IND status means the drugs have been studied in the laboratory for their major physical and chemical properties and tested in laboratory animals for their pharmacologic and toxic effects.

In granting IND status, FDA carefully monitors study protocols to ensure that they meet FDA's safety and scientific standards. "The studies have to be safe and conducted under controlled conditions," said one doctor, a senior interdisciplinary scientist on FDA's pilot drug evaluation staff. "Otherwise, the research may offer questionable or, at best, minimal returns."

Because the drugs are controlled substances, scientists must apply to the Drug Enforcement Administration for a Schedule I permit in conjunction with filing an IND application with FDA. And, to receive IND approval, researchers must document that they have a suitable drug source whose manufacturing capabilities meet the agency's good manufacturing procedures. That presents a challenge because few reputable U.S. drug manufacturers make these drugs.

To get high-quality drugs, psychedelic researchers rely on European manufacturers, hospital pharmacies, and university chemistry labs."
This info came from the world wide web.

Yes. Don't ever rule God out. He is the first One who you should turn to when you have a problem. Our young people in America are under attack and it's not God's will that we lose one of them. The church should not shoot it's wounded.

At one time I knew a devout Christian man who had a drinking alcohol addiction left over from his unsaved life style. He trusted the Lord to help him break his addiction but nothing happened at first. But he persevered anyways. Then one day, when he didn't even know it, the Lord did something deep in his life and his addiction was completely broken. Jesus Christ broke the chains of his addiction. We used to sing an old church chorus "The Lion of Judah will break every chain and give to us the victory again and again." That happened 44 years ago and the man does not drink to this day.

Rev. David Wilkerson in his book, The Cross and The Switchblade, stated that there was only one thing that would permanently break the heroin addiction of young people on the streets of New York City. That one thing was the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
(according to Acts 2:4). If a person had that power of God in their life, following their salvation experience with Christ, they could be an overcomer and not relapse back into heroin addiction again unless they wanted to.

If you or someone you know has a current LSD addiction all hope is not lost. Offer them salvation through Jesus Christ first. Then influence them to receive the
Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4) complete with speaking in tongues. God is the One to break any addiction in any sincere Christian's life.

Here is some practical advice how to go about it.

Once Christ comes to literally live inside of your heart take your surplus illegal drugs and throw them away. Then find the nearest bible believing church and make an appointment to speak with the pentecostal pastor there. Explain to him what has just happened to you and he will help you get into God's word and help you get sound Biblical teaching. If he can't help you directly I am sure that he will be able to find someone who can.

Once you are strong in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ the pastor will encourage you to receive the power of the Holy Spirit in a subsequent act of spiritual baptism
(Acts 2:4). This dynamic power from God is greater than anything that Satan has to offer. You need this power to help you live the Christian life and to help you fight against the power of relapsing back to your addiction. And God is always happy to share His power with you when you ask in faith.

No one ever said it would be easy but I am confident that you can do it if you want to.

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