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Welcome to my devotional commentary book on Genesis

Welcome and thank you for studying this remarkable book of the bible with me. It is truly nutritious spiritual food for one's soul. British General Gordon once said, "...after all, the chief proof that the bible is good food is the eating of it."

Some folks may wonder why I place so much opinion in this book. I write it the way I see it. After all, that is the name of the book: Genesis- the way I see it. So, this entire book contains my opinions. Some folks may agree with my opinions, some may not, and some may take portions of it that they do agree with. It is entirely up to you. This book is written like a classroom learning exercise with me teaching and the inquisitive students learning and asking questions. At one time I taught the bible to the public at the Upper Room Fellowship. My wife told me that I was the best bible teacher she had ever heard. I appreciated her praise report.

How can Genesis be relevant today? This book of the bible is about beginnings and so much more. This commentary is for folks facing change- spiritual change- in their lives. In this book, God is elevated to His rightful role as Supreme Creator. That is important to an unbelieving world who chooses to worship the religion of evolution. Today, God wants folks to seek Him. He wants to impart salvation, healing, and deliverance. Those blessings can come as each of us seeks a closer relationship with Him. I try to explain the scriptures as God gives me the ability to do so. God has a plan regarding redemption, sin, judgment, and the kingdom of God. This devotional commentary should be helpful to the one who desires to study God's Word in truth and spirit. In these pages you should discover spiritual truths applicable to life.

Peace and a new era are not possible in this world without Christ even though many politicians may try. Turbulent times lay ahead for the Lord's people. It is important, during such times, that we keep our eyes on Him. Therefore, it is my fervent desire to win folks to the Lord for He is our only hope. Christians have a lifelong goal- to become like Christ. This involves change, and change is not always easy. But the more you know of God's purposes for you, the more you can experience His joy and participate in His plan. My prayer is that God uses this commentary tool to spiritually bless you.

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