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The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it

Copy, print, and publishing rights:

For the student:
You probably have essays and research papers to write. You have my permission to copy, quote, and share large portions from this book as you wish. Permission granted to use my name and material in this book. In other words, you are not legally limited to just three sentences if you wish to copy and share more.

For the general public:
permission granted to print, quote, copy, or share in any way, in part or in whole, any portion of this book for your personal or ministerial use. This is one way that you and I can minister to the needs of others. The best things in life are free and that is one reason I am freely offering this book to you.

For any publisher in the world:
permission granted to publish and sell for yourself this book if you fulfill these requirements:
1) The book must be published in it's entirety, and
2) There are not to be made any changes to this book except scripture changes for translation purposes, and
3) by the act of publishing this book, you agree that you have non-exclusive rights to this work and it can also be published by anyone who has the will and desire to do so. Any departure from these requirements may result in legal action against you.

Translation publication note:
This devotional bible commentary is written in English. If you want to translate it into your own national or tribal language then go for it. God richly love you and bless you as you continue to put His Word into the harvest field in His service.

The volume revision of this commentary bible book:
Original Edition.

To Jesus Christ be the glory.

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