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For over 25 years Global University (ICI or International Correspondence Institute) shared free bible learning courses with any individual in the world who wanted them. A few years ago ICI changed it's name to Global University due to it's world wide missions outreach. You can go to their website and find these courses listed there or you can click on the links below. If you go to their website you will find their courses listed in many languages other than English.

If you want to study the Holy Bible online then this is one web page to come to for those links. Global University has 9 major Bible Sections (listed below) as well as a New Life Study Guide. Each major Bible Section has several lessons to it as well as a study guide. There are some self tests and answer sheets for you to use if you want to. Each lesson is offered to you in the .pdf file ending that makes it easy for you to download or print. The Assemblies of God is a major Pentecostal Christian denomination and holds to mainline Christian doctrine.

The free courses offered are simply for your own knowledge about God and His word, however, if you want official credit for any of your work you will have to apply and enroll online at Global University. You can become a minister, God willing, by taking all of the Berean courses.

Please do not send any of your ICI test answers or paperwork to me as I only offer links to the wonderful ICI courses. The late Rev. Joseph Gerhardt, who at one time, was the District Superintendent of the Northern California and Nevada District, got me and my ministry involved with ICI in the late 1970's. Around that time we used to have an ICI sign up campaign where we offered a free Bible in exchange for 100 names and addresses of folks in any village or barrio in the world. This is when our missionary bottles were piloted by God to folks in remote areas and God used them to help make connections. The bottle finder would write to us, and later, send us the name and address list. Then we would send a Bible (in their national language dialect) to the missionary bottle finder. We would send the name and address list to the nearest Assemblies of God missionary who would send out the ICI lessons in their postal mail. Many indigenous folks were saved and strengthened in their faith that way. That is how I know that the ICI courses are the best in the world. My website contains some content of a literature evangelism nature and it is my pleasure and privilege to share these ICI courses with you from this web page.

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The Great Questions of Life

The Great Questions of Life has 6 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: What's Happening to the World?

  • Lesson 2: What's the Truth About God?

  • Lesson 3: What's Life All About?

  • Lesson 4: How Can You Meet Your Greatest Need?

  • Lesson 5: What Happens After Death?

  • Lesson 6: What is the True Church?

  • Study Guide

  • Entire Course Document


    God Loves You

    God Loves You has 14 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: God Knows You and Loves You

  • Lesson 2: God Made the World You Live In

  • Lesson 3: God Made You

  • Lesson 4: God Will Help You Be Good

  • Lesson 5: God Cares How You Treat Others

  • Lesson 6: God Will Take You To Heaven

  • Lesson 7: God Will Save You

  • Lesson 8: God Will Take Care of You

  • Lesson 9: God Hears Your Prayers

  • Lesson 10: God Will Lead You

  • Lesson 11: God Sent His Lamb to Save You

  • Lesson 12: God Will Forgive You and Help You

  • Lesson 13: God Will Be With You

  • Lesson 14: You Can Know God Better

  • Study Guide

  • Student Reports

  • Answer Sheet


    Who Jesus Is

    Who Jesus Is has 10 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Finding Out About Jesus

  • Lesson 2: Jesus, the Promised Messiah

  • Lesson 3: Jesus, the Son of God

  • Lesson 4: Jesus, the Son of Man

  • Lesson 5: Jesus, the Word

  • Lesson 6: Jesus, the Light of the World

  • Lesson 7: Jesus, the Healer and Baptizer

  • Lesson 8: Jesus, the Savior

  • Lesson 9: Jesus, the Resurrection and Life

  • Lesson 10: Jesus Christ, the Lord

  • Unit Evaluations

  • Final Words


    We Believe

    We Believe has 16 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Bible

  • Lesson 2: God

  • Lesson 3: Man

  • Lesson 4: Sin

  • Lesson 5: Jesus Christ

  • Lesson 6: Salvation

  • Lesson 7: The Holy Spirit

  • Lesson 8: The Church

  • Lesson 9: The Spirit World

  • Lesson 10: The Future

  • Lesson 11: The Law of God

  • Lesson 12: Our Relationship to God

  • Lesson 13: Our Relationship to Others

  • Lesson 14: A Christian and Himself

  • Lesson 15: The Christian Life

  • Lesson 16: The Spirit Filled Life

  • Student Reports- Test Questions

  • Answer Sheets

  • Overview of this Lesson


    God's Design— Your Choice

    God's Design— Your Choice has 8 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Does God Really Have a Design?

  • Lesson 2: Will God Tell Me What to Do Next?

  • Lesson 3: Does God Expect Too Much?

  • Lesson 4: Am I Missing God’s Design?

  • Lesson 5: Is Being a Christian Enough?

  • Lesson 6: How Can God Speak to Me?

  • Lesson 7: Did Jesus Know God’s Design?

  • Lesson 8: How Do I Approach the Future?

  • Student Reports

  • Answer Sheets


    Christian Worship

    Christian Worship has 8 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Worship- A Spiritual Gem

  • Lesson 2: Only God is Worthy

  • Lesson 3: Worship in Prayer

  • Lesson 4: Worship in Service

  • Lesson 5: Worship in Music

  • Lesson 6: Guidelines to Worship

  • Lesson 7: Practicing Worship

  • Lesson 8: Worship- Now and Forever

  • Student Reports

  • Answer Sheets


    Personal Evangelism

    Personal Evangelism has 8 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Follow the Pattern

  • Lesson 2: Be Prepared

  • Lesson 3: Get Involved

  • Lesson 4: Share Your Experience

  • Lesson 5: Understand the Task

  • Lesson 6: Overcome the Barriers

  • Lesson 7: Consider Your Approach

  • Lesson 8: Expect Rewards

  • Student Reports

  • Answer Sheets


    Alive in Christ

    Alive in Christ has 10 Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Humanity's Salvation Prepared

  • Lesson 2: Humanity Changes Its Course: Repentance

  • Lesson 3: Humanity Trusts in God: Faith

  • Lesson 4: Humanity Turns to God: Conversion

  • Lesson 5: God's Will in Salvation

  • Lesson 6: God Makes a New Creation: Regeneration

  • Lesson 7: God Declares Mankind Not Guilty: Justification

  • Lesson 8: God Takes Mankind Into His Family: Adoption

  • Lesson 9: The Perfecting of Mankind's Nature: Sanctification

  • Lesson 10: The Completion of Mankind's Sanctification: Glorification

  • Glossary

  • Answers to Self-Tests

  • Student Reports

  • Answer Sheets

  • Entire Course Document


    Your New Life Study Guide

    Your New Life Study Guide has 1 Lesson:

  • Your New Life Study Guide

    What is this about? After You are saved you need discipleship training. This study helps you in this area.

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