Forget your Roots, Remember Your vines

Here are my family members. I thought that I would list the names and relationships of these folks for those of you who may be curious...

Kraig Rice Family Relationships:
Bonnie Rice Kraig's late wife Grandmother of Tyler and Serena Rice
Brent Rice Kraig's oldest adopted sonFather of Tyler and Serena Rice
Tyler Rice Kraig's grand son Brent's son
Serena Rice Kraig's grand daughter Brent's daughter
Kristen Rozkiewicz Kraig's daughter John's wife
Scott Rice Kraig's youngest son Raider's Fan
Emily Rice Kraig's late motherMother of Kraig, Sharon, and Bradley Rice
Sharon (Rice) BelisleKraig's sisterMother of Jeremy and Jennifer Ann Hunter
Jon Belisle Kraig's brother-in-law Sharon's husband and Father of Mark Belisle
Jennifer Ann HunterKraig's nieceSharon's daughter
Jeremy Hunter Kraig's nephewSharon's son
Mark Belisle none Jon's son by his first marriage
Bradley Rice Kraig's brother 49er's Fan
Ingrid Rice Kraig's sister-in-law Mother of Tammy by a previous marriage
Aaron Rice Kraig's nephew Bradley's second son with his second wife
Rebekah (Rice) DeSalvatoreKraig's nieceBradley's daughter by his first marriage
Anthony Rice Kraig's nephew Bradley's son by his first marriage
Samuel Dean Rice Kraig's grand nephew Anthony's son
Isaac Battles Kraig's grand nephew Rebekah's son
Gabriel Battles Kraig's grand nephew Rebekah's son
Payton Emily DeSalvatore Kraig's grand niece Rebekah's daughter
Lincoln Wayne DeSalvatore Kraig's grand nephew Rebekah's son
Amber Nicole Rice Kraig's daughter-in-law Scott's Wife
John Rozkiewicz Kraig's son-in-law Kristen's Husband
Jaxson Matthew Rice Kraig's grandson Scott's son
Avery James Rozkiewicz Kraig's grandson Kristen's son
Brynlee Nicole Rice Kraig's grand daughter Scott's daughter
Trace Daniel Rozkiewicz Kraig's grandson Kristen's son
Donna Marie Rice Birth name of Jones Kraig's second wife

This is me in 2010

I live in Illinois with my second wife, Donna Marie Rice. I am retired. How do I fulfill God's Great Commission? I have written a bible commentary book to minister to hurting and suffering humanity. You can download "Genesis- the way I see it" free from this website.

My first wife and I were married for 29 years but then she was cut down at the age of 54 by breast cancer. She already had a child by a previous relationship when I married her, and I adopted him when he was 8 years old and ammended his birth certificate. Then we had two children together. We raised our children in church.

My oldest adopted son was married once in Calif. and had two children of his own- a boy and a girl. He is now divorced and lives in the Los Angeles area.

My daughter graduated from the same Bible College that I did in Calif. and then she moved to Missouri to get her Master's degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS). She graduated in 2010. She is married now and active in raising her two sons in Missouri.

My youngest son works in business, is active in church, is married, and has two children. They also live in Missouri.

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