God's Blessings
as found
in the Bible

The Kraig Josiah Rice
Devotional Bible Commentary

written by
Kraig J. Rice

Listed here are links to my devotional bible commentary in reference to the blessings of God as found in the bible.

Bible firsts in Genesis
Bible firsts in Genesis (Genesis preface)

Christ (Who He is)       The deity of Christ (Genesis chapter 18)

Christ is our Sanctifier (He helps us in our Christian walk of holiness)
Sanctification is on another one of my web pages

God's Ability:
God's ability to guide Jacob (Genesis chapter 31)

You and I need to bless others (Genesis chapter 47)

God's Call:
Abraham was called to leave Ur (Genesis chapter 11)

God's Covenants:       With Noah (Genesis chapter 9)       With Abraham (Genesis chapter 15)

God's Deliverance:
Noah was delivered from destruction
(Genesis chapter 7)
Lot was delivered from destruction
(Genesis chapter 19)
God delivered Joseph
(Genesis chapter 41)

God's Dream(s) that He gave:
Jacob's ladder dream
(Genesis chapter 28)
God's dream of prosperity to Jacob
(Genesis chapter 31)
God's dream-message to Laban
(Genesis chapter 31)
Dream Interpretation- gift of prophecy
(Genesis chapter 41)

God's Encouragement:

  • God's encouragement is on another one of my web pages

    God's Evangelism:

  • God's evangelism is on another one of my web pages

    God's Favor:
    God gave favor to Joseph (Genesis chapter 39)

    God's Fellowship:
    God's fellowship with Adam and Eve
    (Genesis chapter 2)
    God's fellowship with Abraham
    (Genesis chapter 18)
    God's fellowship with Jacob
    (Genesis chapter 32)
    God's fellowship with Noah
    (Genesis chapter 9)

    God's Goodness:
    Genesis chapter 6

    God's Grace:
    Genesis chapter 7

    God's Guidance:       To Jacob (Genesis chapter 31)

    Some of God's healing in Genesis:
    God healed Sarah
    (Genesis chapter 21)
    God healed Rachel
    (Genesis chapter 30)
    Some of my teachings on healing
    (Genesis chapter 20)
    More of my teachings on healing
    (Genesis chapter 20)

    God's Holiness:

    God's Justice
    (His principle that a person reaps what they sow-
    what you send out comes back again to you
    Isaac reaped what he had sowed
    (Genesis chapter 27)
    Jacob reaped what he had sowed
    (Genesis chapter 29)
    Jacob reaped what he had sowed again
    (Genesis chapter 37)
    Laban reaped what he had sowed
    (Genesis chapter 31)
    Vengeance belongs to God
    (Nahum chapter 3)
    This spiritual law is taught in
    (Galatians chapter 6)
    God will punish those who persecute us
    (2 Thessalonians chapter 1)
    God will punish those who hurt you
    (Genesis chapter 38)

    God's Love:

    God's Mercy:

    God's Miracles:
    God gave Sarah a baby (Genesis chapter 18)
    God's miracle of multiplication (Jacob's animals) (Genesis chapter 30)

    God's Multiple Blessings:
    God reunited Israel's family (Genesis chapter 45)
    [Also God was generous to Israel, God has Good News for you, & Christ gives grace to others]

    God's Ownership:       God changed Jacob's name (Genesis chapter 32)

    God's Peace:

    God's Plan(s):
    Expulsion from Paradise
    (Genesis chapter 3)
    Noah was ordered to build a floating ark
    (Genesis chapter 6)
    God's plan of the ages
    (Genesis preface)
    God allowed Joseph to go to Egypt
    (Genesis chapter 50)

    God's Power       How to have power with God (Genesis chapter 32)

    God's Promise(s):
    God's promise(s) to Abraham
    (Genesis chapter 12)
    God's promises to you and I
    (Genesis chapter 36)

    God's Prophecy (that He gave):
    God's prophetic dream to Joseph (Genesis chapter 37)

    God's Protection:
    God is a shield of protection
    (Genesis chapter 15)
    God's Seraphim gave protection to Lot
    (Genesis chapter 19)
    God allowed the fear of Jacob to protect Jacob
    (Genesis chapter 34)

    God's Redemption:
    Promise of a Redeemer (Genesis chapter 3)       The redemption price (Genesis chapter 21)

    God's Rewards:

    God's Rest:       Sabbath rest (Genesis chapter 2)

    God's Salvation:
    God's salvation is found on another one of my web pages

    God's Signs:
    God's signs are on another web page

    God's Success:       God made Joseph successful (Genesis chapter 41)

    God's Timing:
    Right time to rescue Hagar & Ishmael
    (Genesis chapter 21)
    Rebekah was there at the right time
    (Genesis chapter 24)
    Rachel was there at the right time
    (Genesis chapter 29)
    Joseph's birth was timed
    (Genesis chapter 30)
    1 day = 1,000 years
    (2 Peter chapter 3)
    Wait for God's timing
    (Zephaniah chapter 3)
    Stay in time with God
    (Genesis chapter 41)

    God's Titles:       Elohim (Genesis chapter 1)

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