Index Regarding God
(doctrine of mainline Christianity)
Kraig J. Rice

What is the study of God called? It is called Theology. Is there much to study about Him? Yes- you might be surprised at all there is in the bible about Him.

Some links about God:
God is the Creator
(Genesis chapter 1)
4 basic attitudes toward God
(Genesis preface)
7 arguments for the existence of God
(Genesis preface)
God's Adoption- Jacob adopted 2 grandchildren
(Genesis chapter 48)
Some of God's Attributes
(Nahum chapter 1)
Substitution & Imputation
(Philemon chapter 1)
God is jealous
(bible book of Zephaniah)
God's Curse
(Genesis chapter 4)
God's Deliverance of Joseph
(Genesis chapter 41)

God's Blessings:
God's blessings as seen in the bible book of Genesis are on another one of my web pages

God's Destiny for a person:
Joseph was destined to go to Egypt
(Genesis chapter 39)
Paul's destiny
(Philippians chapter 3)
Ruth's destiny
(Ruth chapter 1)

God's Dream(s) that He gave:
God gave a dream to Abimelech as a warning
(Genesis chapter 20)
Joseph had prophetic dreams
(Genesis chapter 37)
God gave the baker and butler dreams
(Genesis chapter 40)
God gave Pharaoh dreams
(Genesis chapter 41)

God's Encouragement:

  • God's encouragement is on another one of my web pages

    God's Evangelism:
    (Jonah chapter 1)
    (Ruth chapter 1)
    (Jude chapter 1)

    God's Family:
    God's spiritual family relationships
    (Genesis chapter 46)

    God's Fellowship:
    God enjoys having fellowship with us
    (Genesis chapter 2)
    Let us enjoy fellowship with God
    (Genesis chapter 43)

    God's Friendliness:
    God was friendly to Adam & Eve (Genesis chapter 3)

    God's Glory:

    God's Goodness:
    God reunited Israel's family (Genesis chapter 45)     [Also God was generous to Israel]

    God's Grace:
    Jacob gave grace to his sons? (Genesis chapter 45)    *    Boaz gave Ruth grace (Ruth chapter 2)

    God's Guidance:
    To Joseph (Genesis chapter 37)    *    To Ruth (Ruth chapter 2)

    God's Mercy:       To Nineveh (Jonah chapter 4)

    God's Miracles:
    God rescued Jonah from drowning (Jonah chapter 2)

    God's Name:
    See God's titles and names

    God's Omnipresence {God is everywhere (omnipresent) at the same time}:
    God saw Hagar and Ishmael as He is omnipresent (Genesis chapter 21)
    Isaac's residence- God sees everything as He is omnipresent (Genesis chapter 25)

    God's Omniscience {God is all knowing- He knows everything}:
    God knew about Hagar and Ishmael in trouble (Genesis chapter 21)
    God remembered Joseph (Genesis chapter 41)

    God's Ownership:
    God's principle of ownership
    (Genesis chapter 3)
    Ownership truths
    (Micah chapter 7)

    God's Peace:
    Melchizedek was the King of Peace
    (Genesis chapter 14)
    (Haggai chapter 2)
    (Philippians chapter 4)

    God's Plan(s):
    God's plan of the Ages (eternity)
    (Genesis beginning commentary)
    Follow God's plan for your life
    (Genesis chapter 45)
    Sometimes God's plan can be painful
    (Genesis chapter 45)
    God had to get rid of idol worship
    (Habakkuk chapter 1)

    God's Timing:
    1 day = 1,000 years
    (2 Peter chapter 3)
    Wait for God's timing
    (Zephaniah chapter 3)
    Stay in time with God
    (Genesis chapter 41)
    End Times + apostasy
    (2 Thessalonians chapter 2)
    Deportation time
    (Habakkuk Introduction)
    Last Days
    (2 Timothy chapter 3)
    Last Days timing for faithfulness
    (Jude chapter 1)

    God's Titles and Names:
      One of God's titles
    (Genesis chapter 1)
    The tetragrammaton (JHVH or YHWH)
    (Genesis chapter 2)
    Jehovah Jireh, God will provide
    (Genesis chapter 22)
      El Elyon, the Mighty God
    (Genesis chapter 14)
    El Shaddai, Almighty God
    (Genesis chapter 17)
    Some titles of God
    (Genesis chapter 31)
    El Shaddai, God Almighty
    (Genesis chapter 35)

    God's Trials (that He gave):
    Joseph began his long trial period
    (Genesis chapter 37)

    Trinity of God:
    Trinity of God at creation
    (Genesis chapter 1)
    Trinity of God at the expulsion
    (Genesis chapter 3)
    The Trinity of God not used here
    (Genesis chapter 11)

    God's Warnings:
    God warned Adam and Eve
    (Genesis chapter 2)
    God warned Abimelech
    (Genesis chapter 20)
    God warned Laban
    (Genesis chapter 31)
    God warned Judah
    (Habakkuk chapter 1)
    God warned Nineveh
    (Jonah devotional thoughts)

    Some of God's Ways:
    The Lord sent blight and mildew
    (Haggai chapter 2)
    The Lord spoke to the fish
    (Jonah chapter 2)
    God can turn a negative into a positive
    (Genesis chapter 40)

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