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Rev. Griffis' Father- groceries on the pourch
Bonnie Rice- money in the lid of the jar
Mina "Mom" Garrells- money on the sidewalk
Kraig Rice and Family- money in the envelope
Pennies In The Till by Kraig J. Rice

"My walk often amounts to using God to solve my problems, as opposed to using my problems as reason to find God"
- A.W. Tozer


Here are some testimonies of God giving provision(s) to His children. Each one is from a credible source. I have included some personal testimonies and also some from friends I have personally known.

Human spirit fails
The Holy Spirit fills

Rev. Griffis' Father- groceries on the pourch

Pastor Lenard Griffis, my late friend and pastor, shared another one of his testimonies with me...

"When I was growing up during the Great Depression Days around the year 1929, economic times were very hard.

My dad and mother were believers and we lived in a small town in Oklahoma. There was no work for my dad and one day we ran out of food to eat.

My dad and mother talked about it and decided to trust in the Lord.

My dad gathered his entire family around the supper table, each family member sitting in his place with an empty plate in front of him. There was no food on the table. My dad said the blessing thanking God in faith for the food He was going to provide.

No sooner had he finished praying when a knock came at the door. When we opened the door there were several bags of groceries on the porch, but there was no one in sight.

We lived several miles out in the country and it would have been easy to spot whoever left the groceries but we saw no one.

We all knew was that God had provided that food for us!"

God feeds the birds of the air (Matthew 6:26)

Bonnie Rice- money in the lid of the jar
One mannerism around our house in Lodi, California in 1985 was for my wife to take our food money and place it in a jar. The jar had been empty for quite some time but one day my wife decided to check it anyway. When she took the lid off of the jar there was a $20.00 bill stuck to the inside of it. It had not been there before and so she came and asked me if I had put it there. I told her no- that I did not have any money. She said she had not put it there and that if she had, it would not have stuck to the inside of the lid. Then we both realized that the good Lord had put it there and praised Him for it. We bought some food with it that month and so all in all God met all our needs.

"There is a place in the religious experience where we love God for Himself alone, with never a thought of His benefits"
- A.W. Tozer

Mina "Mom" Garrells- money on the sidewalk
In 1967 "Mom" Garrells (Norfolk, Virginia) related to me the true story, when years previous, she ran out of food to eat. She knew God loved her and that he was true to His promises, so she decided to leave this matter in God's capable hands. She prayed about it and as she left her house and was walking down the sidewalk, a five-dollar bill came tumbling down the sidewalk, blown by the wind, and wrapped around her ankle. She thanked the Lord for it, bought food with it, and gave Him the glory.

Trials are not enemies of faith
are opportunities to prove God's faithfulness

Kraig Rice and Family- money in the envelope
There were five of us living in my family in the fall of 1988. We were living on faith with no visible source of income. My ministry had very little money coming in- not enough to live on. I was suffering from a damaged right ankle and could not work a secular job. We had bills coming due. We liked to eat on a regular basis. We were between a rock and a hard place. In the normal our circumstances looked hopeless and had us checkmated.

My wife and I had read a book on George Muller, an Englishman in the nineteenth century, who had founded an orphanage on faith. Those were also the days of the faith missionaries when missionaries went on the foreign field with no visible means of support and God sustained them. George Muller had a philosophy. He would never ask a human being for money. Rather, he would only ask God for money while praying in his prayer closet. What were the results? The bills at the orphanage were paid and all of the orphans- hundreds of them- never missed a meal. I encourage you to read a book on George Muller sometime if you want to increase your faith.

Like George Muller, I agonized before the Lord in prayer. In response to our prayers, because my wife and children were praying too, God gave me a dream one night, but it was more like a vision. In the dream I saw the throne of God with God sitting on it. In his hand He had a white envelope full of money. He summoned an angel to approach Him. Then God gave the envelope to the angel with instructions to deliver it to me.

When I awoke the next morning I told my wife about my dream. We were sure it was a communication from God to us. We were sure that the answer to our prayers was on the way. On the earth God has no hands except human hands. I knew the Lord was going to use a human to work through but I just didn't know who or when. So we waited about 3 days. Delay does not mean denial. No one knew about our needs because we had told no one except God.

Then I got a phone call from my friend, Cal Midgley, who lived about 120 miles away from me. I hadn't seen him in awhile. He told me that he wanted to see me and wanted me to drive over. I had enough gasoline in the car to make the trip so I drove over to his house. We had fellowship in the Lord and then he handed me a white envelope full of cash money. The envelope looked identical to the one I had seen in God's hand. Cal told me that he felt "impressed of the Lord" to donate the money to me. I was sure glad that he was obedient. I never told him about my need after I got the money but I did tell him "thank you". The divine blessing in a transaction like that is always on the giver and not on the receiver. And it was the good Lord who I thanked in my prayer closet as well. He never let George Muller down. He has never changed. He didn't let me and my family down. And He won't let you down either if you will only trust Him completely with pure motives.

The amount of money was just enough to supply all of our needs for about a month or so. Wow, was I relieved. That money had come just at the right time. We praised God for being our Jehovah Jireh.

You are God's beloved

Pennies In The Till by Kraig J. Rice
At the time, I drove an 18 wheeler semi-truck for a living. My friend, Walter Fennell, worked at night in a convenience store as a cashier in Coalinga, Calif. Walter was 2 weeks older than I am. He graduated from the North West College of the Assemblies of God and I graduated from Bethany University of the Assemblies of God.

I stopped at his store one night to get a cup of coffee to keep me awake on my all night run. We talked about the Lord and had fellowship but he was worried. I asked him what he was worried about and he told me that he was short of pennies in his cash drawer. He only had two pennies left or so, so he asked me to take a dollar bill and go to the rest of the stores around that area that were still open to see if I could buy some for him as he could not leave the store unattended. I did that but came back empty handed. The reason he was worried was that if he could not make correct change to his customers then it could reflect on his character and threaten his job security.

So I suggested that we pray. Our prayer request was that God would give him plenty of pennies that night and and that he never run out of pennies again after that. We held hands and prayed that prayer right there in his store after some customers left. Then I had to leave but I told him I would be back the next night to see what God would do. The next night he was beaming as he gave me the testimony. Lots of pennies came in the rest of that night from customers and he was never short. Furthermore, when Walter's boss came in the next morning, Walter told him about what God had done. Walter's boss said he would keep a supply of pennies on hand in the store from then on out- and Walter has never run short of pennies again. This story happened several years ago.

Trust God for the little things. Then it may help to trust God for the big things.

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